Volunteer Opportunities

As an all-volunteer organization, TMC depends on its members in order to thrive! Volunteering is a fabulous way to meet new people, learn something new, and give something back! Whether you have a lot of time to give or just a little, TMC welcomes your time and talents. If you would like more information regarding volunteer opportunities, please contact us at resources@themotherconnection.org.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Newsletter Editor – Executive Board

The Editor, along with the Newsletter committee, plans each issue, communicating with the writers and TMC membership, reviewing and editing all content for the upcoming issue, ensuring that the newsletter flows, and signs off on the final proof for the 6 TMC newsletter issues produced annually. The Editor works closely with the Creative Director on the layout and attends all Executive Board meetings.  

Adventures Coordinator- General Board

The Adventure Lead is the point person for the Adventures team, managing the email account and communicating with the Events Director and Newsletter Editor to keep the calendar well balanced and up to date with current information. Along with the adventures team, you will plan your own adventures around your schedule, focusing on activities that your child(ren) will enjoy.

Graphic Artist – General Board

This position entails creating ads and artwork for the newsletter. You will assist the Creative Director by designing ads for TMC events and notices, as well as attending Newsletter and General Board meetings. InDesign knowledge helpful.

Playgroup Coordinator – General Board

A major benefit of TMC membership is an introduction to a playgroup. The Playgroup Coordinator connects new members with children 6 months and up to appropriate existing playgroups and forms new groups as needed. The Coordinator oversees the Playgroups Facebook page, manages requests via e-mail and is all done from home. The time commitment is a just few hours per month as well as attending two General Board meetings a year (Oct/Feb).

Preschool Fair Coordinator- General Board

TMC’s annual Preschool Fair brings together local families and preschools each November. Planning this event involves working with the preschool fair committee to book the venue, contact preschools to participate, advertising the event (helped by our Marketing team), coordinating set-up on the day of the event and coordinating with the newsletter team to create the extremely useful resource-the Preschool Fair Booklet. Once you gather which preschools are participating, forward it to the newsletter team and they create the booklet. This event has been provided for many years, so you are not starting from scratch. You will have a list of past participating preschools to contact.

Workshops Coordinator

As Workshops Coordinator, you would be responsible for planning and coordinating 6-12 workshops per year. Workshops are generally held weekday evenings and the planning can be done at your leisure, mostly online. Past topics include potty training, managing behavioral issues, CPR, scrapbooking, etc. You will book the workshops, post them to Meetup, collect payment from members (where applicable), and attend the workshops to take attendance and to enjoy them yourself. This role can be shared between 2 people, if desired.

Mailing Committee Members

Looking for a night out with the girls? Mailing committee meets once a month (except summer) to make sure the newsletter reaches your mailbox. Join other TMC moms for some snacks, drinks, and a chat while you prepare the newsletter for mailing. This is a fun, easy way to volunteer and meet other moms.

Seasonal Parties Committee Members

TMC hosts several events each year.  Our Annual Halloween Party, Holiday Party, Spring Fling and Family Fun Day are some of our most anticipated programs each year.  If you love to plan events, this is for you.  If you and some friends are interested in becoming more active as volunteers, this is a great position to share.

TMC Cares Committee Members

Join a great group of women as we work together to research, identify groups, and plan events to gather items of need for local non-profit organizations, which serve children and families in our greater community. Our mission is to provide opportunities to TMC members to help teach their children about the gift of giving, while encouraging goodwill and contributions in the community. TMC Cares holds a 2 hour monthly meeting. Valuable skills for position are excellent communication skills (especially via email), ability to work with a team, creativity, and interest in getting involved and networking in the needs of the local community and area non-profits.